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September 2015

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Sort of everything I ever wanted...

This song came on in the car yesterday and it got me to thinking...Isn't this kind of all of our relationships? And not just romantic relationships, but our jobs, friends, relatives, and so on. No wait, hear me out...

Nothing is ever 100% what we have dreamed up in our heads. Sometimes we think they are, but this is usually early on, before we've gotten to know one another very well and we're still sort of seeing what we want to see.

Then, after some time, we start seeing some 'flaws.' We realize this isn't the fantasy person or situation we imagined after all! There are a few things that just don't match our imagined ideal, or that they have 'changed' somehow, and this is terribly disappointing.

Here is where we usually make the mistake of either ending the relationship; constantly focusing on the things that aren't "up to snuff"; or, as Al puts it, waiting until something 'better' comes along. Instead maybe we should be open to the possibility that the person or situation in front of us might actually be a better fit than what we had originally imagined.

Now I'm not saying one should stick around if another person is abusive, or they throw marbles at old people for fun, or if they gnaw on their own toenails while watching reruns of Jerry Springer. But in this consumer age of products and technology being customizable to our every whim and delivered almost before the order confirmation has hit our inbox, our ability for being open to what might be one of the biggest gifts of our lives is frequently hindered because it doesn't match up to a fantasy. We have so much ability to obtain what we *think* we want that we miss the biggest gifts life has to offer that are right there in front of our faces.

"You're sort of everything I ever wanted" and thank God for that!

If I got everything I thought I wanted I'd have sold myself short.